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Our Objective

To provide a safe Islamic environment for our children to connect with Islamic resources and develop an affiliation with the Muslim community.


Fatimia Madrasah is directed and administered by volunteers.

Core Focus

Central to Madrasah's teachings is the learning of the Quran.


Quran Recitation and Tajweed

  • Taught by Br. Hadi Askarzadeh.

  • Offered in 3 different levels.

Islamic Studies:

Classes will cover the following topics on each grade level:

  • Islamic belief: Aqaid

  • Islamic Laws: fiqh

  • Islamic history: tarikh

  • Islamic ethics: akhlaq

Books & Material:

All the books, materials, and stationery supplies will be provided by Madrasah (costs covered by tuition fee).

Admissions & Fees


  • September 23, 2023 to February 3, 2023

  • February 10, 2023 to June 22, 2023

Tuition Fees

  • $200 per term.

  • Discount for families with multiple registered students.

  • Donation receipts available for tax purposes.

  • Sliding scale fees for families with limited resources: Contact Madrasah administration by email:

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